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How Bail Bonds Work

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How Bail Bonds Work

Bails Bond Consumer Tips
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How Bail Bonds Work

A Bail Bond enables you to have a friend or relative freed from jail without requiring you to personally post the entire bond amount. A Bail Bond Agency will typically collect a specific percentage of the total bail amount (as prescribed by law) from you and guarantees the Court that the defendant will appear to all hearings as required.
Bond Premiums: bail agencies typically collect 10% of the face amount of the bail from you. This is called "Premium." it is the cost of having a loved one freed from a jail. You pay this amount upfront or in certain cases the bail bondsman can arrange financing. Bail Yes Bonding Agencies  accept cash, credit cards, personal checks and can also provide financing for those who qualify. Once payment is received the bail agent will arrange to have your friend or relative freed from jail, typically within an hour. Speak with a licensed bail agent in your area now call toll free

The Bail Bond Process Works As Follows:

The bail bond agent will ask you for specific information about the person who is detained, including the following. Note, if you don't have all the information below we will be glad to help you get it:

  1. What is the arrested person’s full legal name?
  2. What is the defendant's date of birth?
  3. What county, city and state is the person being held in?
  4. What is the booking number?
  5. What is the charge?

Your Agent may also require some basic information about the accused his or her personal history, including where they work/school, previous arrests, and residency information.
You provide Bail Yes with a percentage of the total bail amount (typically only 10%) or arrange financing and Bail Yes Bonding will cover the additional 90% of the bail amount. (We accept cash, credit cards, and checks and can also provide quick & easy financing with 3 or 6 month payment plans.)
We will contact the jail facility and determine exact bail information and arrange to have your friend/relative released.
Your Bail Yes Agent will contact you as soon as arrangements have been completed.
Please have patience. Many detention facilities (especially those in large metropolitan areas) are very slow in processing and often have their telephone lines overloaded with calls. Your bail agent will be able to assist you in confirming the release status, charges, etc. For immediate bail service call 1-800-224-5937 and you will be connected to a bail bondsman in your area.

Consumer Tips on Bail Bonds

  • Free Consultation Call toll free 1.800.224.5937.
    Deal ONLY with a licensed bail agent. Ask to see the bail agent's license and identification prior to any bail transaction.

    The bail agent should charge you only the legal rates. Additional charges should be itemized and explained to your satisfaction.

    Ask for an itemized receipt for all charges. You should receive a company numbered receipt, stating the amount you paid, the total amount being charged, on who's behalf (defendant name), the address of the Surety Company and their direct telephone #.

    Ask for copies of all signed contracts and agreements.
    If financing is provided, take time to read and understand the terms the agreement prior to signing.

    You are not only paying for the bond, but you are also paying for service. The bail agent should be available for questions or concerns after the bail bond has been posted.

    If you have a doubt "DON'T SIGN ANYTHING" consult with an attorney first.

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For a step by step of a typical court process at an arraignment hearing check out our Bail Bonds 101 page by clicking here.


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