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Many people think of bounty hunting as something that was practiced in the Wild West and has long since been banished from civilized society. In fact, bounty hunting goes on daily and is perfectly legal. It is an essential part of the American system of justice today. In 1873 the Supreme Court defined the rights of bounty hunters as agents of bail bondsmen in the case of Taylor v. Taintor: The courts decision gave bounty hunters almost limitless rights in the pursuit and apprehension of their fugitive.

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A bounty hunter is a person who tracks down (hunts) and captures fugitives from justice. Typically bounty hunters work just like a private investigator who is hired to find someone, only that bounty hunters mainly work for bail bondsmen to catch people who fail to appear on bail and have arrest powers over the fugitive.

Bounty hunters serve as an important resource of the criminal justice system in the United States, tracking down and capturing more than 30,000 fugitives from justice every year. We have placed more links below for those who are considering becoming bounty hunters.


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