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How to get a bail agent license?

First Steps 

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  How to Become a Bail Bondsman

     Interested in a career as a bail bonds agent. First you will need to submit an application for license and complete all required courses. In most states you can only apply for a bail license thru your state's department of insurance office. What are the first steps?


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 First steps. 

How to Become A Bail Bondsman.
To begin a career as a bail bondsman / bondswoman, you will need to first complete all educational courses that your particular state's department of insurance office requires.
1. Contact the Dept. of insurance in your state, request license information and schools that are in your area for a bail bond class license or (Limited Surety Agent's License).
2. At the school your instructor will have more information on how and where to complete your licensing certification.
3. Once you have completed your state licensing requirements  submit an  Agency Producer Application Note: you will need to send a copy of your bail license or insurance qualification certificate with your application.
Keep in mind that there are a few states that have no commercial bail some of them are; Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, Wisconsin. Massachusetts does allow commercial bail, however new agent licensing is difficult. You will need to check with your states department of insurance to confirm..
Other states like Texas and Georgia have different bail statutes, sometimes per each county, while some only accept professional bail agents. A professional bail agent is someone who uses his own personal assets (cash) to post a bond. In Texas you may need to contact the local County bail bond commission board.

About Bail Recovery and Bounty Hunting.
Bounty hunters earn their money by apprehending and surrendering bail fugitives, they work for the bail bondsman. The bail bondsman is the person who writes the bond for the release of the defendant. A licensed bail bondsman can also act as a bounty hunter for himself and/or another surety company in most states. 
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