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If you already have a bail bondsman license and would like to have your own agency contract click here: Agent and Agency Application

If you are not yet a licensed bail agent but would like information on how to go about getting licensed click here: How to Become a Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman is required to be licensed by the state he/she will actively post bail bonds in and registered with the county where the bondman will have his / her office open for business as a bail bond agent. Most bail bondsman are insurance agents working for a licensed and qualified surety insurance company. The insurance company will appoint the bail bondsman to act as their attorney in fact in the handling of bail bond postings. The insurance company will supply the bail bondsman with bond powers of attorney and collateral forms that would be required for each bail undertaking.

A bail bond power of attorney is an instrument much like an oversized cashiers check from a bank. There will be space for the bail bondsman to insert the name of the defendant, the case #, city and state, charges, the court and bond amount. The bail bondsman will sign this power of attorney and issue it to the jail or court official who will accept it and release the defendant from custody. Please note a bail bondsman's power of attorney is different from a general power of attorney that is mostly used by individuals when transferring real property.  (for more information on a general power of attorney please see below)

Once the defendant has finished his required court appearances the judge will discharge the bail bondsman's bond and all parties are free of any further obligations.

A General Power of Attorney is a written document stating that one person gives to another the full power and authority to represent him or her. The person who gives the power is the principal and the person who receives the power is the attorney-in-fact or agent.

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