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What are Commercial Bonds?

Commercial Bonds All bonds, except those classified as contract or performance, are commercial bonds. These bonds are usually required by law and are unique for each type of bond case.

Commercial Blanket Bonds Guarantee the honesty of one or all employees of an organization.

Conservator Person or organization selected to protect the interests of a minor or a person deemed incompetent.

Contract Bonds Guarantees the performance of a person or organization in fulfilling the terms of a contract. Most of these contracts are for construction, and the contractor must meet prequalification standards and credit worthiness  before being approved for the bond.

Cost Bond  Bond guaranteeing the payment of the cost of a trial and/or judgment of verdict.

Court Bonds Court bonds are bonds required by a body of law.

Building Sub-contractor bonds. Like plumbing, electrical, flooring, engineer.





Payment Bonds, Guarantee payment by a contractor to subcontractors, laborers and suppliers hired or involved in a project. Because liens may not be placed on public projects, a payment bond is an excellent assurance that all parties associated with a project under contract will be paid.

Performance Bonds Guarantee a service provider will abide by the terms in a specified contract. They generally involve a payment bond for materials, labor, maintenance, supplies, ETC.

Below find surety bond providers, specializing in all types of surety bonds, like:

  • License bonds
  • Permit bonds
  • Probate bonds
  • Family Custodial bonds
  • Notary bonds license
  • Lost Instrument bonds
  • Janitorial Service bonds
  • Immigration Visa bonds

Bail Bonds Call Bail Yes a Nationwide bail bonding agency open 24/7.

Immigration Bonds National bonding firm offering U.S. immigration alien Deport & Visa bonds. INS bond for visa over stays, illegal entry, deportation permits.




















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